Why images for coaches?

Every coach wants his team to play better. The standard is the use of images during development. The use of images has proven to speed up the development process on an individual and team level. For coaches, the technology can no longer be ignored in their preparation and evaluation of training sessions and competitions.

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How does it work?

The club creates a login for the trainers. This allows the trainers to turn on the camera system to record training sessions or competitions. The trainer can indicate whether the recording is available internally or whether everyone can watch it. After the recording, the trainer logs in again and the entire match is in the dashboard.My Playlist #252 The trainer can share the images with the players using the basic analysis functions from the dashboard or download the match and read it into a professional analysis tool of your choice.

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Trainer development

Trainers describe that you can better clarify what players can improve on the basis of the images than if you tell this without images. For example, the images and recordings can be used for the development and/or training of the trainers themselves. They can show the images to their teachers.

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Development players

By making players aware of their role and associated task in each situation, they learn to recognize situations and can try to perform the tasks during the match. By discussing situations with specific football roles with players, you can start an awareness among the players. Once players are aware of their role in a situation, they can act purposefully.

air view of a football field
Head coach
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It is my best assistant coach. Rewind, watch again, discuss with players. I even peat football acts, team tasks / team functions.

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The effects are significant! Visualizing football situations and game principles are very valuable for clarifying football problems or showing a desirable way of playing during match talks or in preparation for training sessions. Players experience it as pleasant.

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