Why use images for sports?

Images can no longer be ignored in the sports world. Fans and family like to follow clubs and teams and can't always line the pitch. The USF.SPORT can be easily displayed on the website of the club.

Players want to be able to see their match again. After an afternoon on the field, the players enjoy nothing more than sharing clips of the game. With ClubTV you bring the club feeling to the people at home.

Seeing sports, doing sports
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Both athletes and non-athletes become extra motivated when they see others exercising. With the video images, clubs can show how much sports are being played. This ensures that players stay longer and new players come along sooner.

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Increase sponsorship income

By broadcasting matches live, the billboards get a greater reach. This greater reach can make sponsors want to contribute extra. A logo can also be placed in a fixed place in the image. This opens up new sponsorship opportunities for the club.

field of football field from a high position
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Broadcasting matches gives existing sponsors more attention and it gives us additional opportunities to attract sponsors.

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Images are for the club and of the club

Images are for the club and of the club. All image rights belong to the club and with this the club is always in control. USF.Sport only has rights of use over the images and supports in increasing the range.

view of a football field from a high position
The benefits for the club
  • Visibility for your club
  • Member retention
  • Extra sponsor income
view of football field from a high position
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