With USF.Sport’s automatic camera, you can fully, automatically record all games and training sessions for live streaming and analysis. The camera follows the match and automatically zooms in where necessary, as if a real cameraman were standing there!

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  • -Visibility for the selection & grassroots sports teams
  • -Member retention
  • -Extra sponsor income
air view of a football field
  • -Being able to review & evaluate your own performance
  • -Family & friends can watch
  • -Share your sports moment on social media
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  • -Development team & individual
  • -Analyzing matches & training
  • -Own development
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Club TV
  • -Watch (live) anytime & anywhere
  • -Follow your club
  • -Watch highlights
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Type of camera systems

Pro camera system: a camera that is placed at center line height.

field of football field from a high position

Elite camera system consists of a Pro camera system and two cameras behind the goal.

air view of a football field
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Install the camera and install the software.

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Live stream and/or analyze matches & training sessions.

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de Niet
Board member Communication
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Broadcasting matches gives existing sponsors more attention and it gives us additional opportunities to attract sponsors.

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Head coach
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It is my best assistant coach. Rewind, watch again, discuss with players. I even peat football acts, team tasks / team functions.

photo of Ben Hoogwerf at a football field
Player Alexandria'66
club logo alexandria

It is mainly going to increase your own development. And you're going to make quick steps in that direction. Because you can say to yourself 'I did almost everything right', but when you look back at yourself, you see, for example, small details that could be improved. You won't be able to see that for yourself.

air view of football field at Alexandria '66
Board member
Board member Alexandria'66
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And not only the development of the players, but also for the trainers. For example, they often do training and then they have to show how they approach it. That is of course very nice if you can really show it with images.

air view of football field at Alexandria '66
Board member
Head of Youth Academy
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The effects are significant! Visualizing football situations and game principles are very valuable for clarifying football problems or showing a desirable way of playing during match talks or in preparation for training sessions. Players experience it as pleasant.

Milan Kok at near a football field
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